Stephen Bliss

As Senior Artist with Rockstar Games from 2001 to 2016 Stephen Bliss helped establish the highly recognizable illustrative style that defined the look, feel and positioning of the gaming mega-franchise Grand Theft Auto. He painted video game box covers, posters, billboards and magazine covers for GTA and many other successful game titles such as The Warriors, LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption. Bliss also headed Rockstar’s Lifestyle Branding department, creating non-game related posters and products that helped reinforce Rockstar’s reputation as a creative powerhouse.

Stephen Bliss started his career in 1986 working as in-house designer with Japanese fashion pioneers Hysteric Glamour. After 4 years Bliss returned to London where he established himself as a freelance illustrator, focusing on painstakingly detailed comic strips; revealing a Japanese influence perfectly meshed with Western culture, and a morbid sense of humor.  He found homes for his quirky design aesthetic at Wall of Sound Records, BMG Records, MTV, Aardman Animation, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, The Cartoon Network, Pepsi, Sony, Burton Snowboards, GQ, The Sunday Times and Massive Attack (No Protection album cover).

In the late ‘90s he wrote and illustrated comic strips for Sega’s Sonic the Comic, Deadline Comics and the Guardian newspaper before moving away from commercial illustration to concentrate on his own personal artwork. He also started a t-shirt company called Steroid, selling his designs through high end fashion stores in UK, the Singapore and Japan.

Bliss left Rockstar Games in 2016 to work as a fine artist (with solo shows in London, New York and LA) and muralist (with murals in Guam, Miami, Queens and most recently two 14’ x 8’ murals installed in Perkins Coie’s new mid-town Manhattan office).

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2017: The Mystery of Doomed Romance, Westbank Gallery, London, UK

2016: I, Frankenstein, Monorex Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009: Paint It Black show, Green Label Art Gallery, NYC

2000: Spirit Gallery, London

2000: Alphabet, London

1999: Browns Focus, London

1998: Rocket Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 


2018: Artwalk: Coalition for the Homeless, Spring Street Studios, NYC

2017: Art Attack, Mayson Gallery, NYC

2017: Artwalk: Coalition for the Homeless, Spring Street Studios, NYC

2016: Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson Artshow, Westbank Gallery, London, UK

2016: Rock, Paper, Scissors, The Highline Loft, NYC

2016: Artwalk: Coalition for the Homeless, Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

2012: Free Arts NYC, Eye Beam Gallery, NYC

2010: Living The Dream, Fuse Gallery, NYC

2010: 3D Art Show, Opera Gallery, NYC

2010: Fuse Gallery Draw Tour, Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico City

2008: Park Life Show, Subliminal Projects, LA

2007: The Beast Within, Showroom Gallery, NYC

2007: Bernstein and Andrulli: Boutique Show, Fuse Gallery, NYC

2007: Fuse Gallery Draw Tour, Gallery Lombardi, Austin, Texas

2007: Move #15: Ballpoint Pen Show, Cinders Gallery, NYC

2007: Slipmat Art Project Show Tour, The Reed Space, NYC

2006: Thundermutt Show, Neo-Studios,  NYC

2006: The M.C. Show, Riviera Gallery, NYC

2005: Vinyl Klash exhibition, C-Pop Gallery, Detroit

2005: WIWP Remixed Show, Phonica Records, London

2003: Celebrity Theme Show, The Essex, NYC

2003: Faesthetic x 55 DSL Present - 8.5 x 11, Deisel flagship store, NYC

2002: Customized Levis Label Show, Barbican Gallery, London

2001: The LP Show, Exit Art Gallery, NYC

2001: Experience Music Project, Seattle Center, Seattle

1998: Parco 7th Anniversary Show, Parco Gallery, Japan

1995: What makes you think you're so special? Blue Note, London